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Aarten Energy Solutions B.V., hereafter abbreviated as AES, is established end March 2015 by combining the activities previously executed by the legal entities Aarten Management & Consultancy B.V. (AMC) and Aarten Wind Solutions B.V. (AWS).



Aarten Wind Solutions will continue to exist as a trade name because of its reputation due to, amongst others, the execution of the pilot Knowledge Platform Wind energy.


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The key phrase that centres in all of our activities is: ‘Transforming into a sustainable society’.

Our vision is that in a world of increasing climate, social, financial and energy related challenges, we provides leadership and knowledge supporting clients in dealing with tomorrow’s issues. 


AES key focus of attention is in the following areas:  

  • Strategy & business consultancy in Energy and related sectors, including market analyses, case studies, conceptual designs, feasibility studies, business improvement and/or trouble shooting support
  • M&A advice and Due Diligence support - technical, operational and managerial processes & activities
  • Senior project management of complex projects requiring executive experience
  • Facilitating the various stakeholders with energy transition subjects. An example is the establishment of a knowledge platform at national level.

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[27 July 2016] FFI: 200 Largest fossil fuel companies’ Global Carbon Emissions 460% over world carbon budget.



[20 July 2016] EC:  EU Reference Scenario 2016 - Energy, transport and GHG emissions - Trends to 2050.

This summary highlights the main results of the EU Reference scenario 2016 (REF2016) 1 . REF2016 projects EU and Member States energy, transport and greenhouse gas (GHG) emission-related developments up to 2050. It does so by taking into account global and EU market trends and the energy and climate policies already adopted by the EU and its Member States.



[June 2016] SolarPower Europe: Global Market Outlook 2016-2020: The global solar market is well on its way to breaking through the milestone of 60 GW of new capacity installed in a year during 2016.



[2016] IEA: Around 6.5 million premature deaths each year can be attributed to air pollution, but despite growing recognition of the imperative of clean air, the problem of air pollution is far from solved in many countries …………



Dutch part of this website contains some relevant articles focusing on The Netherlands. 

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In the coming years Zonatlas wants to grow from being a successful website to an independent platform where consumers can go to for more than just understanding the solar energy potential of their roof. Zonatlas will also be the platform where consumers can turn to with all their questions about the generation and use of solar energy and other renewable energy sources.

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Reference is made to the website of Ecofys for latest news and reports relating to sustainable energy topics.

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Information about decentralised sustainable electricity generation, energy saving measures and citizen involvement.

Reference is made to the website of EnShared. Click here for more information.  The majority of articles are in the Dutch language. In case of questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

The shareholders of Aarten Energy Solutions B.V. are involved with EnShared via their legal entities. 






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EnergY TRansition

  • Companies and organisations, including NGO’s, authorities and financial institutions, focusing on energy transition subjects
  • Renewable energy sources (centralised and decentralised)
  • Energy efficiency programmes and CO2 reduction programmes


ELECTRICTY -, Gas- & related Sectors - e.g.:

  • Power generation
  • Transmission & distribution systems (e.g. electricity, gas)
  • Energy intensive end users

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Petrochemical sector - e.g.:

  • Refineries & facilities, and chemical plants
  • Gas plants & facilities
  • Storage terminals
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‘Transforming into a sustainable society’

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