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Role of gas vs natural gas

Role of gas vs natural gas

Many articles appear in the media, which could be pretty confusing to the average homeowner. We have already communicated before that a balanced approach for gas is needed. And to make all of the Netherlands homes all-electric, is not a very realistic scenario. Of course, certain (new) neighbourhoods can and will be free of natural gas. But various areas will continue to use natural gas for a long time in combination with other sustainable measures.

It is important to bring the role of sustainable gases in the spotlight. Green gas and hydrogen. Especially green gas can already be used in houses and there are already several effective solutions available. We generally have a good gas network in the Netherlands, where we can make good and smart use of it for many years to come. Read more ….

important work is done in Europe by the “Gas for Climate” initiative, which states: “Gas and its infrastructure are important today and continue to be important in 2050, providing that a shift takes place towards renewable and low carbon gas to meet the Paris Agreement target of limiting global temperature rise to well below 2 degrees. Gas for Climate: a path to 2050 advocates an affordable solution in the transition to a sustainable energy system.“.  Read more ….

in this context it is worth to read a Ecofys report of 15 Feb. 2018; the summary includes:

“To achieve the Paris Agreement target of limiting global temperature increase to well below two degrees, a major redesign of the energy system is required. This study by Ecofys, a Navigant company, explores the role of gas in a fully decarbonised energy system by 2050. We conclude that it is possible by 2050 to scale up renewable gas (biomethane and renewable hydrogen) production in the EU to a quantity of 122 billion cubic metres by 2050. We also conclude that using this gas with existing gas infrastructure, smartly combined with renewable electricity in sectors where it adds most value, can lead to €138 billion societal cost savings annually compared to decarbonisation without a role for renewable gas”.

Financing option helps homeowners to become gas-free

Financing option helps homeowners to become gas-free

A unique trial will start in the Dutch city Heerhugowaard, which can help large parts of the Netherlands’ residential areas to become natural gas-free. For the first time, homeowners living in a neighborhood with a mix of residential and rental houses, will receive a proposal from the local housing corporation to become energy-neutral collectively.

It concerns 14 homeowners who live within a block of 97 rental homes. To get them involved they will receive an attractive, ready-made offer. Both technically and financially viable.

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