Energy Portfolio

In addition to the activites of Aarten Energy Solutions (AES), the AES shareholders also participate actively in the following companies and knowledge platforms:


With renewable energy becoming an increasingly important social issue, EnShared believes that consumers and entrepreneurs are best suited to take responsibility for their own energy supply. It therefore aids households, (local) entrepreneurs and government agencies in finding renewable energy solutions. EnShared is not a traditional energy producer, but provides customers with affordable and reliable services and advice to help them develop and manage their own sustainable energy supply.
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Solar power is a major renewable energy source that meets many of the challenges the world currently faces. However, installing solar panels is an increasingly difficult task. Zonatlas aids households by showing the solar energy power potential for each roof in the Netherlands. It calculates the solar potential, the possibilities and financial return of all Dutch roofs in a highly accurate and accessible way. Zonatlas thus provides households independent information to support them in their choices for sustainable (solar) power.
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Knowledge Platforms

Thijs Aarten has been actively involved in various (sustainable energy) knowledge platforms since a number of years. Thijs is currently involved with the 'Netherlands Knowledge Platform for Public Charging Infrastructure' (NKL). In the past he has been involved with the '(pilot) Knowledge Platform Wind Energy' and the 'Knowledge Platform on Electromagnetic Fields and Health'. Each platform effectively connects stakeholders with the objective of finding concrete contributions and solutions for the various challenges which the field of energy transition faces. They involve society and give stakeholders a voice.
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Thijs Aarten is Strategy Counsel of the "Institute for Future of Living (IFL)"; for more details see:

IFL states the following on the website:

“One of the most important challenges for cities and communities is working together and sharing knowledge. This is where the Institute for Future of Living can lend a hand. We are a not-for-profit organization with city members around the world. We facilitate collaboration between cities & regions and businesses, aimed at improving smart, sustainable and scalable solutions. By building on experiences and solutions from other countries and cultures, everyone will learn and improve more rapidly. Together we turn ambitions into joint actions in the global playing field".



Electric vehicles, EN, Knowledge Platforms, Portfolio EN
By Roel Aarten / October 10, 2017

Benchmark 2017: from Cost reduction to a professional market

Maturity model for public EV charging NKL, the independent knowledge platform for EV charging infrastructure, presents the results of the...

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Clean Energy, EN, Portfolio EN, Solar energy, Zonatlas
By Roel Aarten / September 19, 2017

Dutch company Zonatlas will calculate Solar potential of building facades

The technological development of new generation solar panels is making great leaps forward. Think of solar cells in roof tiles,...

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Electric vehicles, EN, Knowledge Platforms, Portfolio EN
By Roel Aarten / April 29, 2017

Electric Mobility Europe Call Light Proposal Approved

Throughout the European Union and beyond, electric vehicles are more and more in the spotlight. Currently, legislation has been created...

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