The development of a sustainable living environment requires a new form of working (together).

EnShared offers households, (local) businesses, local energy initiatives and government agencies the helping hand in realising complex renewable energy projects.
The sustainable generation and use of (renewable) energy is  increasingly becoming an important social issue. EnShared believes that consumers and businesses can take responsibility for their own energy supply. EnShared is therefore not a traditional energy company, but we facilitate our customers with useful services so that they can develop and manage their own sustainable energy supply,  affordable and reliable.

"To help customers develop and manage their own sustainable energy supply in an affordable and reliable way."

EnShared Services

Solar for multi-tenant buidlings
For homeowners associations, its management firms, and/or for housing cooperation’s, fitting solutions are provided for the cost-effective  realisation of solar energy and the sharing amongst its tenants.
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Collectively generating and sharing of energy
For Local Energy Initiatives, EnShared offers consulting and management software to support the generation and sharing of  renewable energy (for example, through the Postcoderoos fiscal  measure).
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CO2 neutral homes
In cooperation with a large manufacturer, EnShared developed a concept around realising CO2-neutral homes.
Within the home a  combination of techniques are installed; solar panels, battery system,  a micro CHP (mini-power plant), and Energy management  system. This will enable the home to balance its energy consumption with it production throughout the seasons and on a  daily basis.
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