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Electric vehicles, EN, Innovations & Developments
By Roel Aarten / January 11, 2018

A list of all 2018 electric vehicles has provided an overview of available EVs in 2018. Other useful information on possibly subsidies for EV’s in 2018...

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Climate policy, EN, Innovations & Developments, Reports & Publications
By Thijs / December 22, 2017

Package of additional measures for Dutch Energy Agreement is being worked on

At the start of 2018 it will be known whether the package of additional measures is sufficient to conclude that...

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EN, Innovations & Developments, Renewable energy
By Martijn Aarten / December 18, 2017

Energy transition: simply do it!

These days of varying messages on energy transition scenarios, we continue to be surprised about the lack of basic understanding....

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Climate policy, EN, Fossile fuels
By Martijn Aarten / December 15, 2017

Worldbank stops financing oil and gasindustry after 2019

At the One Planet Summit in Paris (Dec. 2917) the World Bank Group made know that the bank will no...

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Electric vehicles, EN, Innovations & Developments
By Thijs / December 15, 2017

BMW i CEO Convention Vision Full Electric 2030 in September 2017

Thijs Aarten: “It is essential to demonstrate leadership when creating a sustainable world. Electric transportation is an important part hereof. ...

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Electric vehicles, EN, Knowledge Platforms, Portfolio EN
By Roel Aarten / October 10, 2017

Benchmark 2017: from Cost reduction to a professional market

Maturity model for public EV charging NKL, the independent knowledge platform for EV charging infrastructure, presents the results of the...

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Clean Energy, EN, Portfolio EN, Solar energy, Zonatlas
By Roel Aarten / September 19, 2017

Dutch company Zonatlas will calculate Solar potential of building facades

The technological development of new generation solar panels is making great leaps forward. Think of solar cells in roof tiles,...

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Climate policy, EN, Reports & Publications
By Martijn Aarten / July 5, 2017

WWF: EU investors partly aligned with Paris Agreement

The EU's biggest investors are partly aligned with the Paris agreement's climate target of keeping global warming well under 2°C...

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Nederland energietransitie 2030
Climate policy, EN
By Martijn Aarten / June 29, 2017

NL’s transition to 100% sustainable energy within 20 years

Urgenda: The Netherlands can transition to a 100% sustainable energy supply within 20 years. The Netherlands can transition to a...

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Clean Energy, Climate, EN
By Roel Aarten / June 21, 2017

Tracking Clean Energy Progress examines 2°C scenario targets

Tracking Clean Energy Progress examines the progress of a variety of clean energy technologies towards interim 2°C scenario targets in 2025....

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