"Today's society is characterised by increasing climate, social, financial and energy related challenges. Hence my vision is about providing leadership and knowledge to support clients in dealing with tomorrow's issues"

About us

Over 35 years of operational, advisory, executive and international experience in various energy sectors.

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AES Services

Offering support and knowledge on energy transitions, making connections within an international network.

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Energy Portfolio

Advising and supporting renowned companies and platforms in realizing change on various energy challenges.

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News & Events

Successes on the area we operate in, the ideas we have and the knowledge we want to share.

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Our Vision

Aarten Energy Solutions (AES) has a clear long term vision of the world: all global stakeholders working towards a society that strikes a long term sustainable balance ensuring enough food, water and energy for all.



Electric vehicles, EN, Innovations & Developments, Knowledge Platforms, Portfolio EN, Reports & Publications
By Thijs / November 20, 2020

Are electric cars just as safe as fuel-powered cars? And what are the safety aspects in closed spaces?

Consultancy firm CE Delft concludes that electric cars are just as safe as cars which run on fuel. Commissioned by...

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Climate policy, EN, Portfolio EN, Reports & Publications, Solar energy
By Thijs / November 20, 2020

G40-city network: 40 medium-sized municipalities in the Netherlands argue: “Overstimulation” is not an argument for phasing out the solarpanel netting-scheme (‘salderingsregeling’)

Remarkable conclusions from a second opinion investigation carried out by the “Stichting Economisch Onderzoek (SEO)” (Economic Research Foundation) at the...

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Clean Energy, Climate, Climate policy, EN, Innovations & Developments, Renewable energy, Reports & Publications
By Thijs / November 15, 2020

IEA Renewables 2020 report: interesting dynamic data-dashboard

IEA has included in their Renewables 2020 report a very interesting dynamic data-dashboard, which will enable readers to examine historical...

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