About us


Thijs Aarten

Thijs Aarten has over 40 years of energy industry experience, having worked internationally for global corporations such as Royal Dutch Shell, Royal Pakhoed, Royal Vopak, KEMA, Ecofys and Navigant/Ecofys. Thijs was a former executive and CEO of KEMA, former (interim) CEO of Ecofys and (interim) MD & Navigant (Ecofys) Energy Practice Leader in EME. Currently Thijs is involved with Aarten Energy Solutions, EnShared, and Zonatlas.

Thijs Aarten has been featured as a keynote speaker at numerous conferences and meetings, presenting as an expert on topics such as the energy transition, Smart Grid development, the role of gas as a transition fuel, and climate finance. He has been involved with a number of key industry groups and associations and national knowledge platforms.


Besides having advised clients in many countries around the globe, Thijs Aarten has lived and worked in the Netherlands, Singapore, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and China, and currently operates from the Netherlands. Due to this international exposure, he has a strong appreciation for cultural differences and is able to connect the various trends in different continents.

Roel Aarten

Roel Aarten has a business background and experience in the development of energy projects. His passion lies in the field of renewable energy and, after his involvement in the construction of (offshore) wind farms, he went to work on developing sustainability concepts related to homeowners and small businesses. In addition to advising clients, Roel likes to roll up his sleeves to help customers with a diverse range of energy-related challenges. Roel plays a role in the daily operations of both EnShared and Zonatlas.