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Introduction: working together and context

Aarten Energy Solutions BV (AES) works closely with the EnShared companies. AES performs various (large) development activities in the energy transition field for EnShared, which will ultimately result in concrete products and services that fit within the scope of EnShared Development BV, EnShared Installatie BV, and Zonatlas NL BV.

In addition, Aarten Energy Solutions is involved with knowledge platforms and partnerships that have as main objective: creating impact on the desired societal challenges.

Today’s society is characterised by increasing climate, social, financial and energy related challenges. Hence our vision is about providing leadership and knowledge to support clients in dealing with tomorrow’s issues. Our approach is also characterised by helping residents, through neighbourhood associations and energy cooperatives, "bottom-up", but in the form "working with and not working for". By combining forces and establishing coalitions, we can create impact. Our aim is to contribute to the transformation towards a sustainable society.


With renewable energy becoming an increasingly important social issue, EnShared believes that consumers and entrepreneurs are best suited to take responsibility for their own energy supply. It therefore supports households, home owners associations, housing corporations, (local) entrepreneurs and government agencies in finding renewable energy solutions. EnShared provides customers with affordable and reliable services and advice to help them develop and manage their own sustainable energy supply.
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EnShared innovations and integrated approaches (information portal on heat pumps)

In 2020, EnShared has taken over the Information portal Heat Pumps (‘’) from consultancy firm BDH. This online portal is the place for consumers to obtain information about heat pumps in homes. Thanks to this cooperation, both organisations can contribute even better to make existing and new homes more sustainable. In addition to the independent solar energy platform Zonatlas, EnShared is happy to help more home owners, via, with their complex sustainability issues.



Solar power is a major renewable energy source that meets many of the challenges the world currently faces. However, installing solar panels is an increasingly difficult task. Zonatlas aids households by showing the solar energy power potential for each roof in the Netherlands. It calculates the solar potential, the possibilities and financial return of all Dutch roofs in a highly accurate and accessible way. Zonatlas thus provides households independent information to support them in their choices for sustainable (solar) power.
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Supporting sustainable social initiatives

Knowledge Platforms

Thijs Aarten has been actively involved in various (sustainable energy) knowledge platforms since a number of years.

Until November 2020, Thijs Aarten was a board member of the foundation ‘Netherlands Knowledge Platform for Public Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles’ (NKL) for a period of 6 years. His board membership ended after his second and final term had passed.

In the past he has been involved with the '(pilot) Knowledge Platform Wind Energy' and the 'Knowledge Platform on Electromagnetic Fields and Health'.

Each platform effectively connects stakeholders with the objective of finding concrete contributions and solutions for the various challenges which the field of energy transition faces. They involve society and give stakeholders a voice. Read more.

We need energy every day and it is one of the sectors in which an institutional revolution is currently taking place. This offers opportunities for new markets where the interests of residents are paramount. The in 2020 published Position Paper “Virtual Power Plants via Energy Commons” (for more information click here) shows the essence and focus of residents’ support, but also that the energy transition requires robust technology and open source software solutions that must meet all privacy preconditions.

It is precisely there that the foundation Future Energy Systems (FES) sees opportunities they want to work on. Thijs Aarten is one of the founders of FES and involved as advisor. For more details refer to:

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Record number of 140,000 home batteries installed in Europe in 2020

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The Sustainable Home: providing insights into various possibilities

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In 2020 strong European positioning by the Netherlands in the field of solar panels installation

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