The development of a sustainable living environment requires a new form of working (together).

EnShared, via its operating companies and partners, offers households, home owners associations, housing corporations, (local) businesses, local energy initiatives and government agencies the helping hand in realising complex renewable energy projects. (https://www.enshared.nl/)
The sustainable generation and use of (renewable) energy is  increasingly becoming an important social issue. EnShared believes that consumers and businesses can take responsibility for their own energy supply.

"To help customers develop and manage their own sustainable energy supply in an affordable and reliable way."

New service offered by EnShared: Warmtepompplein.nl

Warmtepompplein.nl is an independent information portal about heat pumps for heating and hot tap water in homes. Warmtepompplein.nl, originally an initiative of BDH, is since early 2022 managed by Zonatlas NL B.V.

Warmtepompplein.nl is an independent website about heat pumps and therefore explicitly does not provide any specific advice, preference or judgment with regard to make, model or manufacturer for heat pumps and peripherals.

This portal aims to meet the need for information about heat pumps in the broadest sense of the word. The website has been set up in collaboration with many diverse parties (partners), who all agree that our way of heating will change because energy saving in homes will become increasingly important in the near future. The developers of Warmtepompplein.nl expect that heat pumps will play a major role in this and that the need for information about heat pumps will increase.

Contact: If you have any questions or comments regarding this information portal or heat pumps, please contact: https://www.zonatlas.nl/start/contact/.

Information portal: https://warmtepompplein.nl/