Knowledge Platforms

Thijs Aarten has been actively involved with national (Dutch) Knowledge Platforms for many years.

Effectively connecting stakeholders (mainly Local residents & Interest groups, Companies, Government, Research & Education – the so-called 5 O's 'in Dutch') with the objective of finding concrete contributions and solutions for the various challenges faced in the area of "energy transition".

Proactively involving the society with the transition plans and giving citizens the feeling that they are being listened to.

The Knowledge platforms


Netherlands Knowledge Platform for Public Charging Infrastructure (NKL)

The NKL is meant as a temporary  support platform for participating organisations in the field of electric mobility. Purpose, scope, governance, funding and operating conditions have been formulated in detail. More background has been provided on the NKL website.



(pilot) Knowledge Platform Wind Energy

Early 2013 Aarten Wind Solutions (AWS), the legal predecessor of AES, along with other large national and independent organisations took the initiative to organise discussions with representatives of (local) governments, research institutes, entrepreneurs, educational organisations and organisations representing the interests of local residents, the so-called 5 O’s, regarding the establishment of a structure that could bring parties together and to support those parties in forming a shared view on how to locally incorporate wind energy in the Netherlands. More information can be found at the RIVM website.


Knowledge Platform EMV

The Knowledge Platform ElectroMagnetic Fields and Health (EMV) provides clarity on public questions or concerns regarding possible health effects of electromagnetic fields. for more information, reference is made to the Knowledge Platform EMV website.