First of all, reference is made to various blogs and messages on this website under the category "News & Events" and the messages posted on LinkedIn.

A selection .....

  • An interview in the Dutch newspaper “Dagblad van het Noorden” on 23 November 2019 with as subject: “Helping hand for energy cooperative”. Read more ….

  • Reporting in November 2016 on the takeover of Ecofys by Navigant; “Navigant Acquires Ecofys, Scaling Global Energy and Sustainability Expertise”; read more …..

  • Contribution by Thijs Aarten, as interim chairman of the pilot Knowledge Platform Wind Energy: (Dutch article) "Noise from wind turbines (06-2015): When generating energy with wind turbines, a large number of technical, economic, social and political factors play a role. When placing wind turbines near a residential area, noise is one of the important topics. The noise can lead to complaints from local residents who can only be partially explained on the basis of research. This Knowledge Report lists what is currently known about the noise of wind turbines and the (possible) effect on local residents. Finally, in the last section Points of attention, possible action perspectives are mentioned based on the texts in the previous chapters". Read the article here!

  • (Dutch article) Speciale edition of Mediaplanet distributed with the Financieel Dagblad on 24 September 2014, "Water & Energy": an interview with Thijs Aarten: 'Cooperation in energy chains: extra attention for communication'. Read the article here!

  • (Dutch article) Energie Special of Dagblad van het Noorden (17-06-2014): Aarten Energy Solutions: 'Cooperation is key to energy transition'.
    Roel & Thijs Aarten: 'Transition naturally requires vision, leadership, pragmatism and passion, but above all cooperation. Because it is not only the government that has to solve the problems mentioned, everyone has that responsibility.Read the article here!

  • Interview Thijs Aarten in Energie Actueel March 2012 (Dutch article): “Changes in the energy sector require a new way of working together”.

  • Interview Thijs Aarten in Elsevier juli 2011 (Dutch article) ('what comes up'): "In Asia everyone calls me Mr. Thijs”.

  • Article in Shell Venster 2005: ‘Kippenvel in Nigeria' / 'ondernemer in loondienst'.