AES Services

Today’s society is characterised by increasing climate, social, financial and energy related challenges. The vision of Aarten Energy Solutions (AES) is bringing global stakeholders together in working towards a society that strikes a long-term sustainable balance ensuring enough food, water and energy for all. Hence, AES mission is providing leadership to support clients in dealing with tomorrow’s issues.


Aarten Energy Solutions (AES) provides the following services:

Strategy & Business Consultancy

AES conducts Strategy & Business consultancy in Energy and related sectors. This could include market analyses, and the provision of case studies, conceptual designs and feasibility studies.

Mergers & Acquisitions Advice

M&A advice entails operational and financial analysis of assets, providing a cost indication for improving those assets, improving the organisation bottom-line etc.

Due Diligence

Due Diligence support is executed in technical-, operational- and managerial processes & activities. AES uses its knowhow and experience in assessing target organisations by analysing the assets and the organisational and people aspects.

Project & Interim Management

AES is able to assist clients with complex and time consuming projects by taking on a senior project management role. Furthermore, AES can provide clients with an interim solution by filling client’s executive management position.

The key phrase that centres in all of our activities is
‘Transforming into a sustainable society’