The Green Elephant

Finding alternatives to conventional charcoal is key to preserving the Ugandan forests, wildlife, and environment as well as to boosting the local economy.

The Green Elephant (TGE) manufactures biomass briquettes in Uganda as a replacement cooking and heating fuel for firewood and charcoal. The Green Elephant is expanding the production to pellets made from compressed high energy grass from its own plantation in Uganda.

Additionally, livestock feed blocks is manufactured using the energy grass from The Green Elephant’s plantation. The feed blocks are a big benefit and improvement for the farmers and their cattle. Manufacturing and selling high quality livestock feed will improve milk production per animal which has significant benefits for farmers livelihoods.

The Green Elephant’s activities are an investment in the development of an environmentally responsible, sustainable and economical biomass industry in Uganda, Africa.


"Improve people’s lives through smart energy solutions."

The Green Elephant has 3 objectives:

Provide a sustainable and economical alternative for fossil fuels and firewood.

Reducing Household Air Pollution related deaths as well as other associated health issues.

Provide a better and affordable alternative for:
Cooking & Heating and Animal Feed Blocks



Aarten Energy Solutions is supporting this company with achieving their goals. And we are very proud of this, because it is a development that offers important social, climatological and economic benefits for the local population.