By saving energy through the insulation of buildings, we can make the fastest progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Since 2012, Zonatlas NL has been active as a solar platform displaying the solar energy potential of all roofs (about 13.5 million) in the Netherlands. Zonatlas calculates, among other things, the generating potential (in kWh) and the financial return of solar panels on each individual roof part.

Investing in a private solar power plant will often only take place after careful deliberation. It is a big investment in which the necessary research is also required. Is my roof suitable for solar energy? What can it provide me? Are there any subsidies available and what are the good suppliers for the panels? At Zonatlas, independent information is offered to households to support them in the choices for sustainable generation.

"To stimulate the solar energy generation on roofs and to investigate what part the generation of solar energy can have in achieving the climate objectives of a municipality."

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The Zonatlas database, which will process your data once received, is subject to strict privacy rules, which fully comply with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) requirements.
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Zonatlas shows the suitability for solar energy for each roof within all municipalities and provinces in the Netherlands. By combining weather data, incident sunlight, the inclination of the roofs and the shadow situation, a very accurate indication of the suitability of the roof for solar power generation can be provided.

Due to the independent character of Zonatlas NL, the municipality is able to impartially inform the households about the potential for solar energy on the homes. Zonatlas NL has now been implemented in more than 150 Dutch municipalities. All roofs in the Netherlands are analysed and Zonatlas is now looking into innovations such as; the solar potential of facades.